Baseball Team Wins National Sports Award in Mexico 2023

The baseball team won the National Sports Award in Mexico 2023 due to its outstanding performance in the World Baseball Classic.

The third-place achievement by the Mexican baseball team in the World Baseball Classic earned them the National Sports Award in Mexico 2023.

This award is shared with the renowned coach Eddy Reynoso, multiple medalists Alejandra Valencia, Carlos Sansores, José Arnulfo Castorena, referee Blanca Casales, skater Jorge Luis Martínez, and the Ministry of National Defense.

“The national team receives recognition in this category (professional sports) after their commendable results in the World Baseball Classic, where they secured third place, only behind powerhouses like Japan and the United States,” reads the statement from the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports.

“In addition, they were crowned at the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador 2023,” they added.

In Reynoso’s case, he receives the National Sports Award in Mexico 2023 because his career has recently been associated with the success of the Jalisco boxer Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, who won the award in 2018.

Eddy expressed to ESPN, “Discipline, perseverance, and sacrifice never fail. I am truly happy, and what fills me with pride the most is that my daughters and my family are proud of me”

In the non-professional sports category, the National Sports Award in Mexico 2023 was achieved by Alejandra Valencia, a national archery team member who had outstanding performances with seven international medals in various international tournaments and the Central American and Caribbean Games.

-Others Recognized by the National Sports Award in Mexico 2023 –

Carlos Sansores, a triple taekwondo medalist, was also recognized after stepping onto the podium in Baku, San Salvador, and Santiago in 2023.

In the Paralympic sport category, the recognition went to José Arnulfo Castorena, a gold medalist at the 2023 Para Swimming World Championship, earning an Olympic spot.

On the other hand, Blanca Cecilia Casale, a referee, became the first woman to officiate at the Basketball World Cup.

Likewise, Jorge Luis Martínez, a speed skater, received the award in the outstanding career category in Mexican sports after winning bronze at this year’s World Championship.

Finally, the Ministry of National Defense will receive the National Sports Award 2023 in the category of Promotion, Protection, and Promotion of the practice of sports, mainly for the incentives it has provided to various athletes in federated and amateur sports.

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