¿Why is the mayor of San Martín Texmelucan, Norma Layón, trending?

In Mexico, in a small town, the mayor of San Martín Texmelucan, Puebla, Norma Layón, is trending in America.

For the past few weeks, the mayor of San Martín Texmelucan has appeared in a viral video.

In this video, the mayor of San Martín Texmelucan, or rather the municipal president, surprised a traffic police officer by asking for “money” or a bribe, as they say in Mexico, while at a checkpoint in the city.

In the video, Layón can be heard saying that she agreed with the complaints of the citizens who have reported the misconduct of their officers.

The video specifies that this incident took place on Tuesday, September 12, with the aim of confirming citizen complaints.

To achieve her goal, the mayor of San Martín Texmelucan was traveling in a vehicle with plates from another state and was in disguise to avoid recognition.

Furthermore, the driver did not have the vehicle registration card or a driver’s license, so the officer informed them that the fine was 6,800 pesos.

However, he immediately asked the driver to step out of the vehicle and negotiated the amount, which was reduced to 3,400 pesos.

At one point, the municipal president, dressed in sweatpants, dark glasses, and a wig, got out of the vehicle and began recording with her cell phone to confront the officer like any other citizen.

The officer, not recognizing her, first tried to evade her and then explained the situation in his own way.

It was at that moment that she revealed her identity and informed them that she was the municipal president of San Martín Texmelucan.

¿Who is the mayor of San Martín Texmelucan?

Norma Layón Aarun is a businesswoman and politician from Puebla, affiliated with Morena (National Regeneration Movement).

She currently serves as the municipal president of San Martín Texmelucan for the 2021-2024 term.

A native of Puebla, Norma Layón comes from a wealthy family, with her father, José Layón, owning the Fiesta Inn Las Ánimas Hotel, among other businesses.

Following in her family’s footsteps, she pursued a career in the private sector throughout her life until she decided to enter politics for the 2018 electoral process.

As the President of the Civil Association “Creando Felicidad” (Creating Happiness), she joined the Morena party to run as a candidate for the mayorship of San Martín Texmelucan.

In July 2018, under the coalition “Juntos Haremos Historia” (Together We Will Make History), formed by Morena, the Workers’ Party (PT), and the Social Encounter Party (PES), she won the election.

Norma Layón has been the municipal president of San Martín Texmelucan since October 15, 2018. However, her lack of political experience and governance has led her to confront civil organizations and political parties initially aligned with her project.

During her administration, there has been an increase in the crime rate.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, she has distributed more than 10,000 food baskets to vulnerable populations.

She is currently divorced.

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