What work do immigrants do in California?

immigrants do in California

Many are the people who wish to live and work in the United States and the fact that the North American country offers a variety of opportunities that promise to improve the quality of life of foreign workers, that is why many people wonder What work do immigrants do in California? Here we will tell you.

Over the years, the United States has become one of the favorite destinations for people who wish to settle down in a country that offers greater stability and purchasing power. It is precisely for this reason that the USA is the country that receives the most foreigners in the world, proof of this is that in the year 2022 it received 59 million migrants.

That is why many people want to know What work do immigrants do in California? In order to arrive prepared to work in the country. We talk about What work do immigrants do in California? In this article.

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This is everything you need to know about What work do immigrants do in California?

It is no secret that there are many people who decide to emigrate to the United States and most of the time they start working in positions that do not require great experience. Here we will tell you in detail What work do immigrants do in California?


Many immigrants start their journey in the U.S. labor market in the construction business, as this area is extremely attractive due to the pay and level of experience required.

Normally, foreign workers work as cement masons, as well as in carpet installation, painting and carpentry.


Most migrants start and even stay working their entire lives in the agricultural sector, and it is estimated that 73% of foreign workers work in the agricultural sector.

It should be noted that the number of foreign workers in the agricultural sector has been increasing because of referrals from the temporary visa program and easier paths to citizenship for workers who work the land, so both legal and illegal workers consider this employment a good option to improve their situation in the country.

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This is another of the most popular jobs among immigrants and this sector includes food service workers such as restaurants, bars and food service contractors found in schools and hospitals.

 immigrants do in California

However, it is important to mention that in this type of work it is sometimes necessary to master the native language of the United States, so it is usually an ideal option for those English-speaking migrants or those who are fluent in the language.


A large number of immigrants also work in the transportation sector in the United States, mainly as truck drivers, for companies and for upper class families.

Similarly, foreign workers are often seen in the area of public transportation, especially driving buses, because most Americans do not want to take this type of job.


There are a large number of migrants working in the customer service area, especially Spanish speaking foreign workers, and there is a large Hispanic population in the U.S. so companies need workers who speak Spanish even if they do not fully master English (however, you must have some command of English).

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It is important to mention that in the last years this type of jobs has increased its salary, so it is a good option to start.

Find out what are the jobs for qualified people in which most immigrants are working 

If you’re wondering What work do immigrants do in California? You may also be wondering What are the most common jobs for skilled people? Here they are:

  • Doctors 
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacist 
  • Computer Science 
  • Engineering 
  • Architects 
  • Mathematicians 
  • Chemists 
  • Teachers 

These are some of the jobs that do require academic training in which most immigrants work. It is important to mention that in this type of job you do have to be completely fluent in English. 

What work do immigrants do in California? Now tell us, are you ready to start your way to the American dream?

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