What is the most in demand job in California ?

demand job in California

California is considered the dominant economic force in the United States, and is home to some of the largest industries in the country, such as technology, entertainment and fashion. That is why many people want to know What is the most in demand job in California ? We will tell you about it.

In addition to being known for its cultural variety, California is one of the largest economic powers and has even been on the verge of surpassing Germany as the fourth largest economy in the world.

It is precisely for this reason that it is so attractive for those who wish to emigrate in search of a better professional and personal future. However, it is important to add that despite having a large labor market, due to the large number of people applying for jobs in California, every 100 job openings, there are 110 workers applying, so it is necessary to dedicate oneself to a specific area that is important for the state’s economy.

For that reason, we will detail What is the most in demand job in California ?

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Here’s everything you need to know about What is the most in demand job in California ?

Those wondering What is the most in demand job in California ? They should know that according to the State Wage and Occupational Employment Estimates report published by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest paying jobs in California are related to qualified people in the fields of medicine, technology and engineering.

What is the most in demand job in California ?


In California, risk professionals are the ones who earn the most and that is why cardiologists lead this list of demand job in California.

It is important to mention that cardiology is one of the highest paid branches of medicine and it deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. If you want to practice as a cardiologist in the United States, you will have to specialize after your primary medical degree.

The salary for cardiologists is around $314,200 per year in California.

Senior information security analyst

This is another demand job in California. Senior information security analysts are responsible for assessing information risks and taking corrective action when a data vulnerability occurs in all companies.

In addition, they must develop policies that conform to company standards, coordinate technology risk training, and maintain fluid communication with internal and external auditors.

Senior information security analysts earn approximately $118,346 per year.

Construction Project Manager

Construction project managers are also in high demand in California, and they are in charge of overseeing everything that encompasses construction projects, so they have to be in constant communication with engineers and architects.

It is also necessary for people in this position to hire employees and subcontractors. Likewise, you will have to obtain the required permits to carry out the construction.

People who thrive in this position in California go on to earn $100,507 per year.

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Another medical profession that is in high demand and in turn is very well paid is psychiatry. To practice this profession in California, it is necessary to get a medical degree and then specialize in this area.

If you want to earn even more money you have the option of sub-specializing in a branch of this profession dedicated to mental health, we recommend that you take a well paid area that has few professionals. For example, in California approximately one-third of the 58 counties have no child and adolescent psychiatrists, so this would be a good option.

Psychiatrists make approximately $305,320 per year.

Java Developer

For those of you who are wondering What is the most in demand job in California ? If you are a Java developer you may have several job options in this state. Java developers are responsible for designing, developing and maintaining software applications that are based on Java.

These types of professionals sometimes also have to collaborate with web designers and software engineers in order to integrate Java into their websites or applications.

A Java developer has an approximate annual salary of $103,111.

Senior Accounting Manager

In California, there are several job options for senior accounting managers, who are responsible for managing payroll, accounts payable, reconciling balances, preparing reports, and making sure all costs are properly recorded.

The annual salary for a senior accounting manager is $120,644.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are also in high demand in this area of the country. They are responsible for the development and design of methods to extract oil and gas. It is important to mention that petroleum engineers must work in collaboration with geologists, with the objective of designing drilling operations in order to maximize the production of crude oil.

A petroleum engineer typically earns $117,230 per year.


Another profession in the medical field that is in high demand is that of an anesthesiologist physician. They are the highest paid employees in the entire state territory and it is considered a risky profession.

The approximate salary of an anesthesiologist per year is $286,130 to $330,000 per year.

You already know What is the most in demand job in California ? Now tell us, are you ready to enter the competitive job market in the land of the sun?

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demand job in California

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