What is the best meal in California?

the best meal in California

The multicultural golden state enjoys a gastronomy that is hard to beat and its cultural diversity makes you find dishes that reflect traditions of countries from different continents, as is the case of sushirrito, a fusion of the popular Mexican and Asian food. Given this, the question for many is: What is the best meal in California?

In California there really are many dishes that stand out for their flavor and unique fusion, but we have put together a list of the best meals in California.

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Discover What is the best meal in California

Since several are the best meal in California, we show you a list, by city, of What is the best meal in California.

San Diego clam chowder

Like most coastal cities, in the second most populated city in California, clams are the star dish and its clam chowder has a delicious touch that you won’t find anywhere else.

This soup is made with fresh clams, potatoes and fresh onions. In San Diego they usually serve it inside a bowl of sourdough bread. This presentation is great because you can dip your soup in freshly baked bread.

It is important to point out that although in popular culture it is believed that this dish originated in San Francisco, it is considered one of the most consumed meals in the city of San Diego.

The Chili Burger of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is full of fusions and one of the most popular dishes is the Chili Burger, this burger is considered the best meal in California because it combines the particular flavor of American food with the special touch of Mexican food.

 the best meal in California

The Chili Burger is commonly served open-faced and the chili is placed next to the burger. You can enjoy this meal with the chili on its own, with onions or even with cheese.

San Francisco’s Lad Dungeness Crab

This is one of the most popular dishes in San Francisco, it consists of boiled crab and can be served with noodles, potatoes or even spinach.

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Chile Colorado in Sacramento

This dish can be enjoyed throughout the California region, but especially in Sacramento, its origin is directly related to traditional Mexican food and is composed of beef or pork stew, with red chile sauce with spices and garlic. The chile colorado is usually accompanied with rice and beans.

The Capirotadas Soup in Santa Barbara

This soup is originally from Honduras, but in Santa Barbara it is considered a typical meal and one of the best.
It is a broth with cakes made of corn dough and dry cheese grated with egg. Beef bone, seasonings and vegetables are added.

The French Dip Sandwich

It is a sandwich filled with slow-cooked veal, accompanied with onions, peppers and cheese. It is usually dipped in a sauce that comes from the cooking of the veal so it is impregnated with flavor.

What is the best meal in California? Desserts you can’t miss

We already know which are the most delicious savory dishes in the golden state, now we will tell you about its desserts. Discover What is the best meal in California?

San Francisco’s famous donuts

This dish is iconic in San Francisco and you can enjoy them for breakfast or as a dessert. They are light and fluffy doughnuts that are covered with delicious toppings such as boysen chocolate or even Monterey Jack cheese.

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California-style cheesecake

This dessert is a favorite in California, mainly in Los Angeles and is made with cream cheese and garnished with fresh fruit, resulting in a creamy fusion of flavors.

Boysenberry Pie

If you are wondering What is the best meal in California? Boysenberry pie is one of the Golden State’s most popular desserts. This is mainly because it is made with a unique berry that originated from a cross between blackberry, raspberry and boysenberry. So if cakes with different flavors are your thing, this dessert will also be the best meal in California for you.

Deer Fudge

This dense and mellow fudge is traditional from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, made with chocolate and walnuts.

Now that you know that in the golden state it is very difficult to determine What is the best meal in California? Tell us what is for you the best meal in California?

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