The Mexican singer Lucero misses Michel Kuri

The Mexican singer Lucero misses Michel Kuri, her ex-partner, from whom she separated on good terms, but she still loves him.

It was in July 2023 when Lucero surprised her followers by announcing that after more than ten years of a relationship with the businessman Michel Kuri.

It was a mutually agreed decision that took many fans and the entertainment world in Mexico by surprise.

Three months after their separation, Lucero was questioned on the program “El Gordo y la Flaca,” as part of the promotion for the series she is participating in, “El gallo de oro,” available on Vix.

In the midst of the interview, it became quite clear that the Mexican singer Lucero misses Michel Kuri. When asked if rekindling her passionate romance with Michel Kuri is in her plans, the singer didn’t hide her feelings.

“To be honest, he’s a great guy, and I believe we love each other, and we will probably get back together.”

The Mexican singer Lucero misses Michel Kuri

She also hinted that it was a beautiful relationship in which both were clear about their feelings but also had their limitations.

“I don’t think it’s over; the truth is that we love each other, and there has never been a fight or a problem between us. It has really been work that has kept us somewhat apart, but I truly believe that our love is genuine, and we will probably get back together one of these days. I’ll tell you all about it,” said the Mexican artist.

When asked if she would get back together with her ex-husband, Mijares, and the father of her two children, Lucero was resolute.

“No, no, thank you. Not right now. We’ll remain friends forever.

Since the breakup of Lucero and Michel became known, fans of Manuel Mijares, the singer’s former husband, began to speculate about a reconciliation between the iconic figures of Mexican pop ballads.

We recall that, through a statement, the 54-year-old singer informed her followers that due to the incompatibility of their schedules, they had decided to “take a break” in the romance that had kept them in the spotlight.

“Time has played a trick on us. Work absorbs us, and we can’t share as many moments and be together as we always have. By mutual agreement, in peace, and hand in hand, we have made this difficult decision, which we hope is temporary, for the sake of the great love we have for each other,” she wrote on her social media at that time, the mother of José Manuel and Lucerito Mijares.

Since 2020, when the pandemic forced the population into confinement, Lucero and Mijares strengthened their bond as singers and performed an online concert, which later turned into the national tour “¡Hasta que se nos hizo!,” where they have appeared on various stages.

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