How much is a house in Mexico? An In-Depth Guide to Buying Property

How Much Is a House in Mexico

If you want to get into the Mexican real estate world, you are probably wondering How much is a house in Mexico? Here we will talk in detail about it and why Mexico is the best option if you want to own a property.

Before knowing How much is a house in Mexico? It is necessary to know everything about how the real estate market works. It works through various interactions between buyers, sellers, real estate agents and builders. All this is directly related to the supply and demand of properties that define the prices and in turn the availability of the properties in the market.

When demand is high and supply is limited and prices go up, while if supply exceeds demand, the price goes down.

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This is all you need to know if How Much is a house in Mexico?

If we talk about the Mexican real estate market this has been increasing its development since last 2022, taking greater strength in the year 2023. However, we must also keep in mind that the real estate market in Mexico is not parallel in all subsectors, this indicates that it does not manifest itself in the same way in supply and demand, so everything will depend on the area or region in which you want to buy a property.

If you want How much is a house in Mexico? You should also know that since 2022, in addition to tourist areas, rural areas have had a slight increase in demand, this is mainly because there are more people wanting to live in a quiet area, likewise, it should be noted that the price has increased in some areas due to the shortage of inventory and increased demand for properties.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Mexico’s stable economy has played a fundamental role in the growth of the real estate market, especially in the case of Mexicans and foreigners who are outside the country, and the fact is that homes in the Latin American country have low prices compared to what is available in the international real estate market.

Mexico is one of those countries that has a lot to offer both for Mexicans and foreigners, because due to its touristic landscapes it is one of the favorite destinations for vacations, its climate is outstanding and it is rarely attacked by natural disasters. In addition to this and its prices, Mexico does not require nationality to legally acquire a property in the nation.

Factors that affect the price of housing in Mexico

If you are wondering How much is a house in Mexico?  It is necessary that you take into account which are the factors that affect the price of a house in Mexico, here we will talk about them: 

  • Machinery, equipment, labor and land costs. 
  • External factors that delay the project.
  • The area in which it is built affects the price of the property and if it is a house in a commercial area it will always be more expensive. Similarly, if it is in cities such as the capital and tourist areas, the price is much higher. 
  • The size of the house and the characteristics of the property are also factors that affect the price, a bigger house, elaborated with luxurious materials will always be more expensive than a small and modest one. The age of the house is also an important factor in determining the price.

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How Much Is a House in Mexico

Those who want How Much is a house in Mexico? will be interested in this information

People who are wondering How much is a house in Mexico? Surely they want to know what is the price of housing in the most popular areas of Mexico, such as Mexico City, Tulum, Cancun and Merida, here we will give you an estimate:

Mexico City

The average price of a house in Mexico City is more than 3.7 million pesos.


The average home in Tulum costs 2.9 million pesos.


In prestigious regions of Cancun the cost of a house can reach 51 million pesos, however, if it is an average house it can cost from 3 to 4 million pesos.


Do you want to know How Much is a house in Mexico? Well, in the capital city of Yucatan the average price of a house is 2.7 million pesos.

Learn about the costs associated with buying a house in Mexico.

People who are wondering How much is a house in Mexico? They should take into account what are all the costs associated with buying a house, and you should always make sure that nothing takes you by surprise, here we will talk about it:

Transfer taxes

Normally in Mexico the transfer tax is calculated on the value of the transaction. It is important to take into account that its rate varies between 2 to 4% of the value of the house.

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Real Estate Acquisition Tax/VAT

The real estate acquisition tax varies in Mexico and includes a general rate of 16%, a reduced rate of 8% in Mexican border areas. It should also be noted that the VAT payable on real estate ranges from 2 to 4.5%, and must always be on the value of the purchase and sale transaction.

Sale of house in Mexico

Notary Fees

The approximate amount to be paid for notary fees is between 5 to 7% of the value of the property. It is recommended to reserve about 10% of the total value of the property.

On the other hand, if you are wondering How Much is a house in Mexico? When starting the purchase process, take into account the importance of the notary public in real estate transactions and the associated costs.

This is because in the Mexican real estate world, notaries public are in charge of the legal investigation of the property, elaboration of contracts, custody of documents, signing and registration of property. The costs of everything related to the notarial field must be paid by both the seller and the buyer.

Exchange rates 

If you want to buy a house in Mexico and you are abroad it is necessary to handle exchange rates, here we will tell you: 

  • The most common way is by transferring the money to Mexico through a bank transfer, and is that many are the banks that offer international transfer service, but these are usually expensive.
  • You can also use a money transfer service. These services allow you to send money to people in Mexico.
  • The other option is to transfer money to Mexico through a currency exchange service. 
  • The important thing to keep in mind is that any of these options is worthwhile and maintaining a home in Mexico is less expensive than in the United States.

What are the advantages and benefits of buying a home in Mexico?

Many foreigners or nationals who are abroad consider Mexico to be the best place to buy a home because its costs are lower and there are good tax benefits that highlight extensions for foreign buyers.

It is important to mention that while in the United States the maintenance of a property represents 1.8% per year of the value of the house, in Mexico the cost is 0.2%. The weather is another important factor for foreigners and in the winter season Mexico has several options to enjoy.

However, you have to keep in mind that there are some aspects that can play a negative role as the cultural difference, so it is advisable that you contact a real estate agent and a trusted lawyer to start with your search and purchase process of properties in Mexico.

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Now you know all aboutHow much is a house in Mexico? Tell us in which area do you want to buy your property in Mexico?

How Much Is a House in Mexico

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