“Energía Bacana” is the new singer by Sebastián Yatra

“Energía Bacana” is the latest track from Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra, bringing yet another explosion of rhythms and good vibes.

Yatra is currently in a personal moment of “a lot of light, a lot of happiness,” and a strong connection with himself, as evidenced by his new single, “Energía Bacana.”

The song, produced by the award-winning Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo, and released on the night of Thursday, September 14th, was composed in an organic manner and under a “special inspiration.”

The singer described it as the third preview of his upcoming studio album.

“This song really represents where I am emotionally in my life right now and the peace I feel most of the time,” added the singer. “I’m in a moment of a lot of light, a lot of happiness, a lot of gratitude,” Yatra further explained.

In “Energía Bacana,” Yatra took an active role in directing the accompanying promotional video to reflect the “illuminating energy”.

He asked model Georgina Rodríguez to take on the lead role in the video. Additionally, the video features a brief appearance by Georgina’s partner, Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Energía Bacana” is the new singer by Yatra

Yatra is extremely grateful for the participation of the football superstar, whom he describes as “a die-hard admirer,” and Georgina, whom he met last year during the Grammy Awards ceremony.

“She is a very generous, very kind girl, a great mom, a great wife, and this song also represents a bit of the love she has for her partner, Ronaldo,” said the Colombian singer, acknowledging the value of having Georgina and Ronaldo in the video.

“Obviously, the fact that they are there will make millions and millions more people watch ‘Energía Bacana’ and have the opportunity to get to know the lyrics and the feeling that remains after listening to the song,” he argued.

The single will be part of his upcoming studio album, which is scheduled to be released next year, once he completes “putting the pieces of the puzzle” for the future album.

He already has a clear concept in mind and believes it will reflect “a significant musical evolution.”

Sebastián Yatra is among the top 100 most streamed artists on Spotify, with over 37 billion global streams and more than 26 million monthly listeners.

“I’m ready with all the ‘bacana‘ energy to continue giving my best and keep growing,” he affirmed.

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