The Future of Digital Communication: What Truth Social Means for Social Media Trends

What Truth Social

In recent years, social networks have managed to enter our daily lives, so we ask ourselves: What Truth Social for the future of mass media? 

Truth Social entered the market with more strength than it currently has, and the controversy surrounding it was a trend throughout the United States. But as time went by, the app’s constant downloads decreased, since the suspension of former President Donald Trump’s social networks on platforms such as X, formerly Twitter, was no longer newsworthy. 

This leads us to think that Trump ‘s is the main attraction of Truth Social and in turn the reason why many consider it unnecessary to register on this social networking platform. 

Similarly, it should be noted that although at its launch in February 2022 Truth Social managed to position itself as the most downloaded free application on Apple, which led many to think that it could compete with large platforms such as X and Facebook, it is currently difficult to rival these social networks of massive users. 

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Will What Truth Social Last?

The first thing to highlight is What Truth Social, a social network that was born as an alternative to the big social networking platforms such as X. Its birth is due to the fact that Donald Trump’s account was suspended from Twitter (now X) after the attack on the Capitol on January 6

 A fact that few know is that the idea came from two former contestants of ”Apprentice” who decided to approach Trump’s with the proposal that the former president would launch his own social network. 

Given this, let’s move on to the statistics. According to Internet analytics firm Similarweb, Trump’s platform had approximately 1.5 million monthly visits from December 2023 to February 2024, compared to 867 for X in that same time span. 

What Truth Social

The poor success of this social networking app is mainly due to the fact that it is targeted at very conservative users. So What Truth Socia? is practically a political social network that despite promising ”no censorship”, is 100% Republican, and despite this, platforms like Facebook and X already attract a large audience with this political ideology, so they see little need to switch to a new service, which considerably reduces the number of active users.

Also of note, the most recent survey conducted by Pew Research Center in 2022 indicates that approximately 27 percent of Americans know or have heard of Truth Social, but only 2 percent actively use it to receive news. 

However, it should also be noted that Truth Social is one of the top-ranked conservative-leaning apps, ranking second only to Parler, which temporarily went offline after the January 6 attack. 

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Is Donald Trump’s social media platform really ”’uncensored”’ ? 

In Donald Trump’s own words, Truth Social was launched with the promise of fostering an ” open, free and honest global conversation without discrimination based on political ideology”. However, according to Public Citizen, a non-profit organization, the platform does not live up to its promise. 

It appears that early users of the platform experienced ”bans after selecting usernames or writing posts criticizing or being openly against former President Trump’s and all of his allies.”

This indicates that although Truth Social markets itself as an ”uncensored” platform, it does moderate certain content, including limiting illegal or copyrighted material and is stricter with sexual content. 

It should also be noted that some consider that Truth Social’s policy leaves a lot of room for the company to decide what content it considers inappropriate or not. Which leads us to think that this social network is totally dedicated to Trump’s fans and extremist Republicans. 

So What Truth Social for social media trends? It does not really have great weight in society, since its users are very small, in addition, it has been proven that it’s real importance is directly related to Donald Trump’s, so if the former president ceased to be relevant, the platform would possibly disappear. 

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What do you think of What Truth Social for media trends?

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