The fake federal immigration agents in Orange

Authorities are looking for fake federal immigration agents in Orange, California, who have allegedly scammed their victims out of hundreds of dollars.

Investigators from several law enforcement agencies are on the trail of the fake federal immigration agents in Orange, but, in addition, there are complaints in Anaheim, Santa Ana and Westminster.

The fake agents specifically target immigrant communities, Westminster detectives said. At least two men were assaulted last week.

“The victim remembered what he thought was an ICE badge hanging around the neck of one of the suspects,” said Officer Eddie Esqueda of the Westminster Police Department.

“The other was wearing what he thought was a tactical vest. They demanded his wallet.”

One of the most recent incidents happened Wednesday around 4:30 p.m.

According to police, a man was walking through a parking lot near Magnolia Street and Westminster Avenue when two men in a dark blue van approached him.


The fake federal immigration agents in Orange: They are young and well-dressed.

The fake federal immigration agents in Orange reportedly must be in their 20s and 30s, were smart-looking and well-dressed with a black pistol in the center console, according to the victim.

The fake agents demanded the man’s wallet and stole a few hundred dollars in cash before leaving.

“It’s not legitimate. Federal agents don’t stop people on the street. That’s just not how it works,” Esqueda said.

Fake federal immigration agents in Orange also robbed another man riding a bicycle near Newland Street and Westminster Boulevard Saturday afternoon.

He, too, was approached by two men in a blue van, who claimed to be U.S. immigration agents, demanded cash and threatened to deport him.

Especially Spanish-speaking communities should remain vigilant, police warned.

If these fake agents robbed people, they can report it to their police department regardless of their immigration status.

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