Norway, Ireland and Spain Will they recognize the state of Palestine

Norway, Ireland and Spain will recognize the Palestinian state, which has triggered the debate this May 22, 2024.

Three European countries approved en bloc that they will recognize the state of Palestine, a measure that seeks to give more guarantees to this territory in the search to calm the conflict with Israel.

These countries announced that they will recognize the Palestinian state, a historic move that provoked condemnation from Israel and jubilation among Palestinians.

In this regard, Israel ordered the withdrawal of its ambassadors in Norway and Ireland.

It was a rapid succession of announcements that began with Norway, whose Prime Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, declared that “there can be no peace in the Middle East without recognition”.

The Scandinavian leader noted that Oslo’s recognition will be made official on May 28. “By recognizing a Palestinian state, Norway supports the Arab peace plan,” he added.

In recent weeks, several European Union countries had indicated that they will recognize the state of Palestine, arguing that a two-state solution is essential to achieve lasting peace in the region.

Meanwhile, Norway is not part of the EU, but mirrors its moves, and has been an ardent supporter of such a solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, Norway is not part of the EU, but reflects its movements, and has been a fervent supporter of such a solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

“Terror has been committed by Hamas and insurgent groups that are not in favor of a two-state solution and the state of Israel,” said the head of the Norwegian government.

“Palestine has the fundamental right to an independent state.”

Will they recognize the state of Palestine: Will there be an effect?

The decision by these countries that they will recognize the state of Palestine comes as Israeli forces launch attacks on the north and south of the Gaza Strip.

Norway “will therefore consider Palestine as an independent state with all the rights and obligations that that entails,” said Gahr Støre.

For its part, the Irish government confirmed that it will recognize the state of Palestine and defends that Israel loses nothing by recognizing the Palestinian state.

“The war in Gaza and the continued expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank continue to mean that the situation in Palestine is more difficult now than it has been in decades,” the Oslo executive added.

A little later, the Prime Minister of Ireland, Simon Harris, explained in his announcement that the three nations coordinated “on a historic and important day for Ireland and Palestine”.

In this regard, Harris added that Israel “loses nothing” by recognizing Palestine and rejected that this path will encourage terrorism, as Tel Aviv maintains.


“We need a two-state solution, a solution that recognizes the State of Israel, that recognizes the State of Palestine,” insisted the Conservative leader.

For his part, the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, said in an appearance in Parliament that the country will recognize Palestine as a state next May 28.

“This recognition is not against anyone, it is not against the people of Israel,” emphasized the socialist leader.

Sanchez also accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “endangering” the two-state solution with his policy of “pain and so much destruction” in the Gaza Strip.

The 1948 UN decision that created the state of Israel envisaged a neighboring Palestinian state, but more than 70 years have passed and control of the Palestinian territories remains divided, while Palestinian bids for full UN membership have been rejected.

The list of countries that recognize the Palestinian state is long, more than 140, including Brazil and Mexico, and some European countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Sweden.

It is not very clear how the incorporation of these three new members will affect the conflict, but it will be, at least symbolically, a new accolade for the Palestinians.

According to the Israeli minister, such recognition could hinder efforts to return the Israeli hostages held in Gaza.

And this is perhaps the main detail: the Palestinians have still not released the hostages kidnapped in 2023.

The Israeli army confirmed this Friday, May 17, that its troops found the bodies of three of the hostages kidnapped by Hamas during the attack of October 7, 2023.

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