Navigating Truth Social: Tips and Tricks for New Users

Navigating Truth Social

If you are interested in joining Truth Social, you need to know everything about this social media platform, these tips and advice will make it easier for you to be navigating Truth Social.

The social networking platform created by former President Donald Trump after the suspension of his Twitter account, now X, could be interesting for people who want to be informed and especially for those who sympathize with the Republican ideology, and Truth Social promises to be a social network ”uncensored”.

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Navigating Truth Social: These tips and advice will help you on Donald Trump’s social network

The first thing you should know is that when you are navigating Truth Social you will have an experience more or less similar to that of X. This is because each user has a profile, where you can follow each other. Also, if you are navigating Truth Social you will notice that users post ”truths” or ”truths” and send direct messages.

We will show you how to make navigating Truth Social easy:

Is it easy to register?

For those who have not yet decided to join Truth Social because they think it is too complex, it really is not, if you want to be a user of this platform, Truth Social asks for your email address and phone number.

Although it is not common among social networking companies looking to attract as many people as possible, Truth Social asks you to agree to receive text messages from the platform before you can complete the registration process.

Navigating Truth Social

The content stream of this social network also resembles X and most of the topics to be discussed are related to conservative politics. It should also be noted that Donald Trump agreed that you must wait six hours to post on Truth Social any ”non-political communication”, this agreement extends until February 2025.

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How to post on Trump’s social network?

If you are already navigating Truth Social you may be wondering how can I publish? Well, it’s very simple, after creating your account and logging in you should know that to publish content, it is always necessary to include a title and tags, in order to help categorize your content. This platform also allows you to publish photos and videos, so you will feel almost the same as in X.

Can I verify my account? 

Yes, you can be verified on Truth Social, here’s how: 

  • Connect your social media account with your Truth Social account through the settings tab and click on ”connected accounts” . 
  •  Entering the settings tab and clicking on ”email ́ ́, after verifying the email you need to verify with your phone number. 
  •  To verify the phone number you must click on settings and then click on the option ”phone” after completing all the above steps your Truth Social account will be verified. 

Could Truth Social change now that it is public?

Truth Social is now traded on the market, so the company is now accountable to the shareholders who own the company’s stock. This means that Trump Media & Technology Group ( the company that launched Truth) is expected to report its quarterly financials and other news of relevance to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

All this means that if Trump decides to sell his shares (he is still the majority shareholder), the stock will be at the mercy of Wall Street, so investors will be looking for healthy growth from the company.

Therefore Truth Social could soon face advertisers who do not want to be associated with any controversial content such as hate speech.

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Although some large social networks like X are also facing this and some of their users have decided to deactivate their accounts, Truth Social is not the first choice for migration, as it is considered a political social network, with some problematic aspects. But investors will want to see the fruits of their investment so the platform will have to find a way to attract more users.

Given all these tips, advice and important information, do you want to be part of Truth Social?

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