Mexico in Copa America 2024: Doubtful start

Group B had its action this June 22, and Mexico in Copa America 2024 should analyze and think of better options.

First of all, Mexico in Copa America 2024 has a commitment to be among the best, given that, in many stadiums, it plays like at home.

But Mexico’s first match at Copa America 2024, against Jamaica, left more doubts than advantages.

First, they had a hard time breaking Jamaica’s defense, an opponent that is not unknown to them, it was a duel of the same confederation.

This shows that Mexico in the Copa America 2024 is irregular, and must make adjustments to prevail in a very complicated group.

Although Venezuela knew how to take advantage of Ecuador’s mistakes, they are still dangerous; the Ecuadorians showed that they are a compact team, and above all, a more technical version with a powerful physique.

Mexico in Copa America 2024: A match against Jamaica to reflect upon

Mexico celebrated the victory over Jamaica as if it were a gigantic achievement. But it was only a victory, and with only one goal.

Despite the fact that the Tricolor’s opponents are touted as a team that has grown up, with players who play in the Premier League and the Second Division in England, the truth is that this is a limited team that bases its strength on speed, and that physically collapsed in the second half.

Mexico’s first match in the Copa America, had an acceptable first half in which they lacked punch, losing their best man, Edson Alvarez.

However, Luis Romo came on and had an outstanding performance filling the captain’s shoes, and ultimately was involved in the winning goal.

As expected, El Tri suffered with the speed of the Jamaicans, but in aerial actions this time there was no great danger, largely thanks to goalkeeper Julio González, who usually plays ahead to cut out the crosses.

Mexico had a good dose of luck after Jorge Sánchez and Johan Vásquez did their part and missed the goal scored by Antonio, which was disallowed after a VAR review for a clear offside.

In the end, the Mexican team’s superior quality prevailed, which Gerardo Arteaga sealed with an impeccable left-footed shot.

Incidentally, the Tri finally has a nominal left back who looks set to play in that position for several years to come.

In Mexico’s first Copa América match, starting with a win against the weakest opponent in the group is important but does not show progress.

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