How to work in the US as a foreigner?

work in the US as a foreigner

Many are the people who want to go to the North American country to be able to get new job opportunities, but sometimes they give up the idea or when they arrive they live a bad experience because they do not know How to work in the US as a foreigner.

And although many believe that the most important thing is to arrive, if you do not have the papers that legalize your stay in the country, and at the same time you do not know How to work in the US as a foreigner, your situation will be a little complicated.

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Discover How to work in the US as a foreigner?

If you are thinking of emigrating to the United States, the best thing you can do is to take the necessary steps to be able to move in the country legally. This way, you avoid risks that may interfere with your legal stay, and when your status in the U.S. is illegal, your chances for quality jobs are reduced.

The process to travel legally and get a job in the United States may seem a little slow and even complex, but if you do your research and follow the immigration system of the North American country, your whole process will be more bearable.

So, if you want to How to work in the US as a foreigner it is much safer and more rewarding for you to choose to do the legal procedures to enter and apply for a work permit in the United States.

How to work in the US as a foreigner: Here’s what to do

Many are the people who despite dreaming of living and working in the United States believe that it is an unattainable dream due to the complexity of the process. But the reality is that being able to live and work in the U.S. legally is not that difficult, you just have to be willing and committed to achieve your American dream.

So How to work in the US as a foreigner:

Obtain the proper legal documentation

If you want to get a job in the United States without the risk of being deported or not being able to get the job of your dreams, the best thing to do is to obtain a visa. This document is of vital importance if you want to work in the country under a legal status.
The visa application process is simple, since the only thing you must do to obtain the visa is to follow the legal processes that are requested.

work in the US as a foreigner

You must also investigate what kind of documentation you need to obtain to legally enter the United States and this will depend a lot on the country where you are, for example, in European countries like Spain to make a trip as a tourist you only need to fill out an online form and pay a fee before leaving for the United States, while in a Latin American country it is necessary to make a slightly more complex application process, but not impossible!

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It is important to know that you must apply for your work visa before you leave for your destination, not after you arrive, unless you are arriving under special conditions such as refugee or political asylum. Here are the types of visas you can apply for:


The EB-1 visa is intended for individuals with exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, education, sports, business, professors or outstanding researchers.

Multinational executives or managers also have the opportunity to apply for this type of work visa.

EB- 2

This category includes individuals who are both professionals and have graduate degrees.

Individuals who excel significantly in the arts, sciences or business are also eligible for this work visa. Labor certification is required in this category.


The type of persons who may apply for work visas in this category are professionals, specialized workers, among others, who can prove that they have special knowledge of a specific subject or activity.

Persons applying for a work visa under this category need a labor certificate.


It is reserved for ́ ́special immigrants ́ ́ ́ that is, some religious figures, people who work in the U.S. foreign service, retired personnel from positions in international organizations, minors who are under protection of U.S. courts, among others.


This category only applies to business investors who can invest from $1 million to $500,000 (as long as the investment is in an identified area of employment).

New businesses employing at least 10 full-time employees are also eligible for this type of work visa.

Make sure your resume catches the attention of employers.

You have to be aware that getting a job in the United States is the dream of many people, so there is a lot of competition. So you have to stand out from the rest and the best way is to create a resume that describes in detail your professional profile, highlighting why you are the best person for the job.

If your job requires a portfolio, it is advisable to include the most outstanding works of your professional life.

Regarding the places where you should go to look for a job, you can opt for web pages dedicated to job search and job offers, consult with people you know who are in the country, send your resume to the company or even deliver your CV at the door of the companies where you want to work.

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Now that you knowHow to work in the US as a foreigner? Cheer up and get ready to start on your way to the job of your dreams.

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