Airbnb hidden cameras: CNN Investigation

Airbnb hidden cameras have been a point of contention, as users claim they have been recorded while being hosted.

It should be recalled that Airbnb, the short-term accommodation rental platform, is facing a number of accusations from its users.

Airbnb users point out that some hosts have installed Airbnb hidden cameras to spy on them without authorization.

The alleged Airbnb hidden cameras is part of an investigation conducted by CNN, and has generated an intense debate about privacy and security in the use of such services.


The situation is extremely serious because Airbnb has been aware of these incidents for more than a decade, but has preferred to minimize the public visibility of the problem.

As for the number of reported cases of Airbnb’s hidden cameras, according to documents reviewed by CNN, including lawsuits and police records, more than 35,000 reports related to surveillance devices were identified on the platform since December 2013.

This data was revealed by a company representative during court testimony, who attempted to downplay the severity of the issue by suggesting that many of those reports could have been for malfunctioning doorbell cameras or devices on coffee tables.

However, a former Airbnb employee in charge of the security helpline told the media outlet that he had never received a call about problems with a doorbell camera.

This testimony was backed up by several guests who discovered Airbnb hidden cameras in their rentals or were informed by police that they had been secretly recorded.

Airbnb Hidden Cameras: Company Response

Airbnb’s response has been labeled insufficient by several critics consulted by the media outlet, who note that the company rarely notifies authorities about violations of its surveillance camera policy, even if minors are involved.

However, Airbnb assures that it fully cooperates with police investigations when they occur.

This duality in the company’s response has generated skepticism among users and privacy advocates.

At the regulatory level, new regulations have been implemented in Europe requiring host registration and data sharing for greater transparency.

This regulation was called a “watershed moment” by Airbnb, although the company has fought in court against local regulations seeking greater control over the sector.

In the United States, on the other hand, the regulatory framework is less strict. Airbnb does not conduct comprehensive background checks for all its users, as stated on its website.

The company conducts partial checks based on limited information and does not automatically disqualify users with serious criminal records.

This situation has generated criticism from the international community, which accuses the platform of contradicting regulations implemented in different countries.

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